McDonald’s, stop cooking the planet. Bring a meat-free burger to Australia!

Last year McDonald’s trialled its first ever vegan burger in Finland. It was so successful, the McVegan has now become a regular menu item in more than 270 outlets across Scandinavia.

Despite huge consumer demand, McDonald’s is yet to introduce a meat-free burger in Australia. With over 30 burgers and wraps on the menu, it’s hard to believe there is not a single plant-based option. This is terrible news for the planet, which is rapidly cooking under the carbon footprint of unsustainable beef consumption.

TAKE ACTION – please sign the petition demanding McDonald’s give Australians the freedom to choose a low-carbon, meat-free burger.

McDonald’s Australia sells a massive 27.8 million kilograms of beef every single year. If just 1 in every 1,000 customers swapped a Quarter Pounder for a meat-free option, it would save:

  • 842,424 meat patties
  • 27,800 kilograms of beef
  • 1.844 million kilograms of carbon emissions
  • 422 million litres of water, and
  • 840,000 square kilometres of precious Australian farmland.

And that’s not even mentioning all the animals this simple menu addition could save.

But right now, burger-loving Aussies  don’t have a choice. There’s not a single meat-free option on the menu – and it’s simply not good enough.

Please add your name to the petition, and let McDonalds know climate-conscious Australians want the option to choose a low carbon, meat free burger when we sit down to lunch.

Recent Signatures:
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1,525 Ms Denise S. Jan 21, 2019
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1,523 Mrs Claire B. There is literally a page dedicated to hacking your menu to make it vegan. Give us the mcvegan bu... Jan 17, 2019
1,522 Miss Lauren G. Jan 17, 2019
1,521 Mr Robert R. Jan 14, 2019
1,520 Mr Patrick R. Jan 14, 2019
1,519 Miss Lauren S. Yes please! The future is vegan! Jan 14, 2019
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1,517 Mr Darren W. Hungry jacks is getting our weekly dollars at the moment! Jan 12, 2019